Classes for ages 3-5


ASB’s English Language Center classes provide children ages 3 through 5 with a comprehensive, hands-on educational experience that supports cognitive, social/emotional, language/communication and physical (gross/fine motor) development. Concepts and skills are taught through an integration of language, social and fine arts activities based on a theme or topic (e.g., parts of the body, weather, animals, etc.). Exposure to many social, sensory motor, artistic and pre-academic activities ensures strong foundations during the early stages of language development.
Classroom activities focus upon increasing English vocabulary and use. This is accomplished by providing a stimulating and dynamic environment. Children are encouraged to explore and “practice” language and communication skills, with a wide range of developmentally appropriate materials and activities. Our language program emphasizes the following values: engagement, creativity, autonomy, discovery, critical thinking, problem solving, and FUN.

The 3-year-old program focuses on social/adaptive behaviors: belonging to a community, language development (stories, songs, poems, vocabulary), cognitive and motor skills. Activities include outdoor play, movement and music exploration, dramatic play, language expression and communication, story sharing, use of manipulative toys such as puzzles and blocks, and creative expression through exposure to a wide variety of materials and art activities.

The 4-year-old program builds upon the social/adaptive and other skills, with increased expectations for children to become more independent and able to work within a group. They enjoy a greater variety of experiences with a focus on fine motor activities such as cutting, drawing, painting and other pre-writing activities. They engage in elaborate dramatic play, taking on roles and acting out familiar scenarios. They also have the opportunity to work on social skills and developing their self-concept.

In the 5-year-old program, children continue to develop stronger language/communication, vocabulary, and social skills. This allows them to function better both within groups as well as independently. They collaborate more in play and on projects. Children at this age learn letters, high frequency words, sounds and easy word recognition, rhyming, and poetry while engaged in oral language-rich activities.