How and when should I pay the program tuition fee?
All the details about when and how to pay the tuition fee can be found here. Payment may be made by check, cash or by depositing the amount in our bank account: “la Caixa” (IBAN ES41-2100-3127-19- 2200128575). Please be sure to indicate the student’s name in the “Concept” window and email us a copy of the bank receipt. If you have any questions or concerns about tuition payments, please contact the program secretary, Maria Garcia, at 93.371.40.16, ext. 113.

Does ASB provide a discount if I enroll more than one child in the program?
A discount of 5% on the tuition fee is given if 3 or more children from the same family are enrolled in the program at the same time.

Is there a discount if bus service is not offered in my neighborhood?
A discount of 100€ is offered to families who live in an area or neighborhood where bus service is not provided. We place the bus routes and stops according to where the majority of families live. Therefore the routes may vary from one year to the next. Normally, we are able to include all students in the areas of Barcelona (city), Hospitalet, Cornellà, Sant Joan Despí, Sant Just, and Sant Feliu. Sometimes we are able to serve Gava, Castelldefels, Molins de Rei, Palleja, and/or Corbera (this depends on where and how many students live in those areas). We are usually unable to serve Sant Cugat, Valldoreix, or Mataró due to low demand. A discount is not offered to families who live in a neighborhood where bus service is provided, but who do not elect to use it for any reason.

Should my child bring a morning snack for the recess break?
Students in the Saturday and Summer programs should bring a healthy snack to eat during morning recess. (e,g, fruit, yogurt, plain cookies, small sandwiches, juice or milk, etc). We especially request no nuts or nut products be brought to school as some children may have allergies to these foods. Please also keep in mind that the morning session of classes is long.  Therefore, it is recommended that students also eat a healthy breakfast before leaving home in the morning.

What do I do if my child loses belongings?
Your child should check the lost and found box, located in the main building next to the nurse’s office for lost items like sweaters, jackets, etc. We also recommend speaking with the ELC program office secretary. Remember to clearly mark all clothing and belongings with your child’s name.