Caren Grogan

Caren, born in Dublin, has been teaching since finishing university and moving to Barcelona in 2000. She returned home after 6 years and left teaching for a while to run the family business, but soon missed the classroom and decided to pick up where she had left off; so she trained as a secondary school teacher specialising in Spanish and ESL. She worked in a state school in Galway for 5 years and loved every minute of it. During this time she completed a postgrad in SEN for children in mainstream schools. And finally made the move back here in the summer of 2014. What she likes most about teaching is that it’s highly rewarding. She loves that she continues to learn and to discover new ways to motivate children to learn. When she’s not in the classroom she is probably spending time with her dogs, going for long walks with them in the mountains or by the beach. Dogs are her other great passion and is often attending seminars and workshops related to her side profession as a dog trainer. SUM

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